Teams – 3 August

1st XI - Seamer - Home

S Pinder, E Hall, G Gibson, C Reddish, J Fox, G Cullingworth, C Jackson, L Wannop, T beck, M Nettleton, W Tindall

Meet club 12.40, any problems contact Sean on 07939 472571

2nd XI - Cloughton @ West Ayton     3rd XI - Thornton Dale - Away

From: P Wannop, J White, A Fox, A Noble, C Tindall, S Boyes, D Boyes, D Boyle, D Tomlinson

J Flinton, J Walkington, L Calvert, C Ionascu, A Kaya, B Kaya, A Hurford-Smith, M Arnott

Any problems contact John on 07870 697937.

Teams 21 July

2nd XI - Snainton - Away

P Wannop, S Pinder, E Hall, C Reddish, D Boyle, J Fox, D Tomlinson, A Kaya, B Kaya, J White, G Cullingworth

Meet club 12.45pm or Snainton 1pm


3rd XI - Thornton Dale @ West Ayton

J Flinton, J Walkington, S Boyes, D Boyes, D Taylor, M Arnott, L Calvert, A Hurford-Smith, C Ionascu, A Fox, AN Other

Meet West Ayton 1.15pm

Any problems with either contact John on 07870 697937

Teams – 14 July

1st XI - Heslerton @ East Ayton

S Pinder, E Hall, G Gibson, A Fox, C Reddish, A Glass, W Tindall, T Beck, J White, M Nettleton

2nd XI - Ravenscar - AWay

P Wannop, D Tomlinson, G Cullingworth, J Flinton, D Taylor, C Ionascu, A Hurford-Smith, M Arnott, J Walkington, A Kaya, B Kaya

Teams – Saturday 9 June – Updated

1st XI - Thornton Dale - Away

J Bradshaw, T Varey, T Beck, S Pinder, A Fox, E Hall, M Nettleton, W Tindall, S Topham, A Glass, G Gibson

Meet club 12.20pm, Thornton Dale 12.45pm any problems contact Joe on 07463 220942

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Selection w/c 14 May 2018

A Team - Cloughton - Away

S Pinder, T Varey, A Fox, J Fox, D Boyes, S Boyes, M Nettleton, J White, C Jackson, L Calvert, A Glass

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Selection 12 May

1st XI - Ebberston @ East Ayton

J Bradshaw, M Nettleton, J White, A Glass, T Varey, J Fox, S Ali, S Topham, W Tindall, L Wannop, AN Other

Meet club 12.30pm, any problems contact Joe on 07463 220942

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Thursday 10 May

Team to play Flixton B @ Home

J Flinton, G Gibson, E Hall, A Kaya, B Kaya, A Hurford-Smith, M Arnott, C Ionascu, P Taylor, A Noble, D Tomlinson

Meet club 6pm.

Teams 5 May

1st XI -  Heslerton - Away

J Bradshaw, T Varey, A Glass, J Tindall, C Tindall, W Tindall, T Beck, M Nettleton, G Gibson, S Ali, J Fox

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The Xmas Draw will take place on Sunday 17 December 2018, commencing at 8pm at Ayton Sports Association.  It would be appreciated if all can ensure tickets are returned sold ASAP.